Mid-Week Bible Study Is Back!  We are thrilled to announce that our traditional midweek bible study has resumed!  Join us each Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. for an hour of exploring God’s word and enjoying one another’s company.   We will be gathering in the parsonage living room, 27 St. Mark’s Place.  We look forward to seeing you there.

An Update on Our Online Bible Study / Fellowship Hour  Those of us who have participated in our Wednesday evening Zoom gathering have experienced a great time of sharing, prayer, and growth.  Looking forward to the schedule for the rest of the summer, we have decided to suspend this event for now.  Be watching for news about when we will “re-Zoom.”

About the Status of the Traditional Sunday Morning Bible Study  As we cautiously begin to return to a more “normal” pattern of parish life, our Sunday morning bible study will continue to be postponed.  May the good Lord grant that we can soon return to our regular gatherings.


Are You Interested in Finding Out More about St. Mark’s?  If you are thinking about joining this parish, or preparing for Baptism, First Communion, or Confirmation, please speak with Pastor as soon as possible.  We hope to start a new formation group called Didache, a word which means “Teaching.”  We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Lutheran World Relief is our Mission of the Month for July.  As we pray for and support LWR, we…  “Affirm God’s love for all people, working with Lutherans and partners around the world to end poverty, injustice and human suffering.”  In many congregations, LWR is known for the Mission Quilts that are made and donated by their women’s organization.  Lutheran World Relief is about much more than quilts, however.  To find out more about the current work of LWR, go to

With the Closing of Concordia, Our Lutheran College in Bronxville, many lives are being disrupted.  Concordia is working with Iona College, the College of Mount St. Vincent, and Manhattanville College to transition our students to new institutions where they can complete their programs.  The faculty and staff, however, are on their own to make their way toward whatever their “new normal” might be.  This can entail a great deal of financial as well as emotional difficulty.

To address this need, the Atlantic District has created a Care and Comfort Fund.  Tax deductible gifts can be made to this fund, which will be distributed among those who face financial hardship due to the loss of their employment.  A committee of friends and alumni has been established in order to administer the fund equitably.

If you would like to make a donation to support this important work of mercy, please go to  May the Lord bless you for your kindness and generosity to others.

Pastor Needs Your Help… to Help Others   Many of our members, friends and neighbors have fallen on hard times.  Gifts to the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund allow Pastor Boehler to provide a helping hand.  Unfortunately, the need has far outstripped the gifts, and the fund has dwindled significantly.  Please consider a special gift designated for the Pastors Discretionary Fund, and be an answer to your neighbor’s prayer: “…give us this day our daily bread.”


Free Offering from Arts in Mission – NY  Bring in the new year making music! Arts in Mission NY (AIM) has launched the new Animal Friends online video curriculum. To register your toddler for free weekly videos visit  A special instrument kit is available to maximize the fun! This music-making kit can (with a surprise animal sound book) can be ordered through the website. Feel free to contact Dr. Jean (Cantor) if you have any questions.

Get to Know Your Church… Around the World  Being a part of St. Mark’s is about more than what happens at this particular corner in Yonkers.  We are connected to a network of missions and ministries around our region and throughout the world.  In the narthex (entryway) of the church are a couple of racks.  These contain free publications from around our church body, including the Lutheran Witness (our synod’s monthly magazine) and Reporter (our newspaper).  These are for you.  Take and read; then pray for and support all the amazing ministries they portray.


A New “Season” Has Begun  Green is the liturgical color of the “ordinary” season of the church year that we have just entered into.  During this time we will focus primarily on the “alternative lifestyle” which is ours as disciples of Jesus Christ.  We will be challenged to not just “talk the talk, but walk the walk.”  Whatever the time of year, our life of faith is nourished by the Word of God and the sacraments which we gather to share.  The Christian life is not that of grade school children; we do not get a “summer vacation” from the faith.  Make the commitment now to become even more regular in your worship life.

The New Issue of Portals of Prayer Is Now Available   The July to September issue of Portals of Prayer is here.  This is a resource for daily devotions that is much beloved in our circles.  If you haven’t used them yet, please give them a try.  You can pick one up in the back of the church in either a pocket size or a large print edition.  And don’t forget to take one to share with a friend.

About Today’s Setting of the Liturgy  Singing increases the likelihood of viral spread, so for the time being, we will be using a spoken setting of the liturgy and limiting the scale of our hymn singing.  The service we are using should be familiar: it is the order of worship we have used in the past when the parochial school children sing on Sundays.  The texts themselves, while thoroughly Lutheran in their theology, also reflect a broad ecumenical consensus.  Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.”  He is present with all of his grace and mercy whenever we gather around Word and Sacrament, regardless of the format of the liturgy.  May his presence today strengthen you in faith, hope, and love.

Video Recordings of a Service of the Word Will Continue  Even though we have begun in-person worship at this point, there are many people who have good reason to refrain from that kind of public gathering.  Know that the we will continue to make weekly videos of a Service of the Word, along with a bulletin of that service which can be used for devotions at home.

Daily Morning Prayer  Historically, Sunday worship has been structured in two parts: 1) the Word, and 2) the Sacrament of the Altar.  The church has an ancient tradition of daily worship known as the Liturgy of the Hours.  These daily service are built around two parts as well: Word and Prayer.  Psalm 95 serves as a Call to Worship, followed by a hymn.  Three psalms give structure to a time of prayer.  A biblical reading follows, reading excerpts in order through a single book of the bible.  A devotional reading gives us some food for thought.  A canticle follows, mirroring the Psalm that starts the service.  It is the Song of Zechariah from Luke on weekdays, and a canticle called the Te Deum on Sunday’s and Feast Days.  Morning Prayer for every day is available as an audio file on the home page of our website:  A number of our members receive it in a daily email that includes some things to watch for as we pray that service together.  If you would like to receive these email, just let Pastor Boehler know.

The Flowers This Morning have been given to the glory of God and in loving memory of our dear departed Father / Grandfather, P. Paul Najdek on Sts. Peter and Paul Day this past week.  By Louise G. Hradsky and family.

The Flower Chart is in the Narthex. Flowers on the Altar are $30.00 per Sunday.


Stewardship Is More Than Money… It’ Your Health  Have you ever stopped to think that taking care of your physical and emotional health is an act of stewardship?  God has entrusted us with our bodies, minds, and hearts.  A healthy diet, regular exercise, following a doctors recommendations… all of these can be part of a worshipful response to the grace of God in Christ.  After all, he took on a human body, mind, and heart in order to redeem ours.  Thanks be to God!  (7)